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Uber Eats is proud to present Unpacked, a docu-series that follows the emotional journey of immigrant chefs on our delivery platform. Scroll down to watch the first season now!

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Unpacked - episodes

  • Episode 7

    Three immigrants opened a lunch cart in New York in pursuit of the American Dream. Two decades later, the Halal Guys are a worldwide phenomenon helping many others achieve the dream as well.

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  • Episode 6

    Chef Eugene’s life has been shaped by dough; one pelmeni at a time he’s showing people why Russian culture is extremely varied and nuanced.

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  • Episode 5

    After her family lost everything to Hurricane Katrina, Kim Nguyen returned to New Orleans to build successful restaurants that share her grandmother’s Vietnamese dishes with people from all walks of life.

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  • Episode 3

    Chef Carlos Brescia is a creative genius who wants to show how diverse Peruvian cuisine really is, fulfilling the dream passed on by his father as he builds a future for his young daughter.

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  • Episode 1

    This family-run restaurant hires Syrian refugees and wants to show the world that Syrian culture isn’t defined by war.

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Series background

A Syrian family starting over in Canada, the rise of Peruvian culture in Miami, a Haitian son honoring his mother through cheesecakes in Dallas, a global franchise borne out of food cart in New York—these are the stories of Unpacked. Stories filled with resilience, family, and the one thing that breaks barriers: food.