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Our take on tipping

An amazing food delivery experience wouldn’t be possible without the couriers who grab the goods for you. Food delivery is service-based, much like waiting tables at a restaurant.

You don’t have to tip, but it’s always appreciated

Couriers get 100% of tips, which can help make a big difference in their lives. A little extra really goes a long way.

Frequently asked questions

If I give a tip, where does it go?

100% of tips go directly to your delivery person.

Is tipping required?

Tipping is always optional. However, we encourage you to tip every time you order with Uber Eats. Your courier puts in a lot of effort, and that deserves a little extra.

How much should I tip?

Find our tip recommendation in the app when you’re ordering, and for one hour after your delivery. For going the extra mile, like delivering a party-size order or climbing lots of stairs, it would be nice to add a bit extra.

Is a tip separate from other delivery fees?

Yes, tips are separate from other fees. They are a reflection of service and a great way to thank couriers. Tips are always added on top of total earnings.