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Thank you, Food Fest fans

We hope you got to experience new flavours and cuisines during the festival.

While Your Local Food Fest has finished, many of your favourite local restaurants are still available on the Uber Eats app.

Bar Ume | The art of burger-making 🍔

Everyone thinks making a burger is really easy right? Wrong! A good burger comes down to the art of balancing simple ingredients with proven techniques. And Bar Ume have the art of burger-making nailed. Simple foundations of bread, meat and cheese done well (REALLY well).

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Loaded by BL | Get a load of this!

Loaded by BL is Bar Luca's burger baby, founded by the OG burger master of Sydney, James. 🍔 Loaded has over 70 different toppings and 19 sextillion combinations to load your burger with, so you can truly create the most epic, wild, flavourful burger of your dreams. The most popular load? Anything with cheese, and LOTS of it.

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Butter | The Sydney burger joint that's in a league of its own!

Butter isn't just a burger restaurant or bar, it's an entire concept. Aside from being home to some of the best fried chicken burgers in Sydney (prove us wrong 😉), Butter has created a cult following and community like almost no other restaurant has. They put culture first and the foodies, fans and fascinated flock to experience the Butter movement and enjoy a feed that's almost euphoric.

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Bring the Festival atmosphere home with our curated cuisine specific playlists.

Order in. Dance away.

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