Take control with Menu Maker.

Easily access and adjust your delivery menus to give customers exactly what they want.

Make menu updates quickly.
New hours? Item out of stock? Adjust delivery menus as fast as your business moves.
Delight customers with choices.
Avocado, anyone? Give customers more options while charging them accordingly.
Here’s how it works.
Take a peek at the FAQ section below, or contact your account manager or restaurant support. We’re here to help!


  • How do I access Menu Maker?
    You can access Menu Maker by signing into your [Restaurant Manager account](https://restaurant.uber.com/ "Restaurant Manager"), then clicking on “Menu” in the left navigation.
  • What if I don’t remember my username and password for my Restaurant Manager account?
    Look for an email titled “Uber Eats Login Details” which should include your username and password. If you need help finding this or resetting your info, you can [reach out to support here](https://help.uber.com/h/95791537-18a2-433a-8782-58c6eee3f4ba "Reach out to support here").
  • What’s the difference between Menu Maker and the old Menu Editor?
    Menu Maker is a new and improved version of the old Menu Editor - giving you even more control over your menus and allowing your changes to go live in the customer’s app instantly.

    Examples of what you can now do with Menu Maker:

    • Change menu hours quickly and easily
    • Add, remove, or adjust items
    • Duplicate your adjustments across other menus and categories with just a few clicks
    • Adjust topping or side dish options based on item size - like letting customers select more toppings if they choose large pizza vs. a small
    • Charge customers differently for toppings or extras based on item size - like charging more for avocado on a large salad vs. a small
    • Allow customers to more easily choose which flavors they’d like in a mixed bag - like letting customers easily indicate which bagels they’d like to go in a bag of 12
  • Is there a limit on the number of conditional customization options I can offer an eater?
    You can offer up to two conditional customizations per item. For example, let’s say a customer selects a combo meal. You can give the customer a choice of side dish as their first customization. If that customer selects a side salad, you can give them a choice of dressing as their second customization.
  • What is the process for creating a new menu on Uber Eats?
    For restaurants that are brand new to Uber Eats, your initial delivery menus will still to be added by the Uber Eats team. However, once initial menus are created in Restaurant Manager, you will be able to adjust them or add new menus with Menu Maker.
  • I have multiple store locations on Uber Eats. Can I make changes to all store menus at the same time?
    At this time, menus for different store locations will need to be updated individually. Menu Maker does not currently have the ability to make menu edits that span multiple store locations.
  • What if my restaurant is currently using the Menu APIs?
    Restaurants that are taking advantage of Menu APIs will not be able to update their menus using Menu Maker at this time. You can continue to make changes to your menus, however, using the existing APIs.