Group Ordering? Piece of cake.

Whether it’s lunch meetings or late night sprints, ordering for the team just got easier.

No more crowding around computers or passing phones. Uber Eats helps remove the hurdles so you can quickly place an order and get back to real work.

How it works

Step 1 - Pick a restaurant

Go to, select a restaurant and click the ‘group order’ icon.

Step 2 - Invite the team to order

Share the group order link with your team and spend how you want.

Step 3 - Pay and track group delivery

Checkout in a snap and enjoy your meal.

Order like a team

You pick the restaurant and share the link. Each guest adds and customizes their own items. Everyone wins.

Variety is the spice of lunch

Take a leave of absence from the same old food. With so many delicious options for everyone to choose from, eating at the office is finally a treat.